Our Websites Features

Standard Church Websites Features

As the Church Webmasters in Randallstown Maryland MD, we are committed to provide you the Best Church Website in US and Canada which is not only beautiful by its design but also has the maximum surfing and managing features that facilitates our clients and the visitors of the sites.

We keep protecting your privacy and use web technology that provides you the most powerful and safe online experience. We serve the whole US and Canada, especially Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Some of our Church Website Design Features are as follow:

  • Add content easily with our advanced WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • No need of FTP to edit and upload content and images.
  • You can create content virtually from any computer that is connected to Net.
  • You can add your own images to any content / any page.
  • You can create links that virtually connects to any web site , web page, FTP link or mail link.
  • Fully Searcheable website with a search text bar.
  • Your site users can print any page or email to recommend them easily.
  • Search engine optimized urls and friendly urls too.(no more “index.php?itemid=2”, http://yourdomain.com/whatwedo.html )
  • Allow your registered users access special items that your public users cannot access.
  • Give special rights to your members so they can edit or add own content to the site.
  • Unlimited number of pages and content. Limited only by web space.
  • Track visitors statistics.
  • Church members can have their own profile
  • Integrated file manager.
  • Update frontpage easily
  • Weekly backups of all information
  • Free server CMS software update
  • Free security patch updates

Special Church Websites Features

  • Advanced Calendar
  • Optional rotating frontpage images with link to real content, They are impressive as well as useful for visitors
  • User registration and login
  • Blogging application
  • HTML and Text newsletters
  • Prayer Request Program
  • Bible search and Verse of the day
  • Scrolling Newsflashes
  • Web based email

Other Important Features

  • E-commerce , Sell your Church products and related things with full store feature

Features Explained

Registered User Login…

  • Allow your church members to register at your church website site to gain access to special pages and features (ie. prayer requests, forums, file downloads etc) that you can choose not to be made available to the public.
  • Registered users can keep an online profile of themselves.

Pastor Blog

  • Allow your pastor to share his thoughts and post them easily to the website
  • Automatically categorized by date
  • Website is auto-updated with new post

HTML Newsletters / Mailing List

  • Create your own newsletters in HTML or Text format
  • Add graphics to your newsletter easily!
  • Save your newsletter as many times as you want while working on it before sending it out
  • Preview newsletter at your own email before you send it out.
  • Create different categories for people to sign up for (ie., ladies newsletter, music newsletter, youth newsletter)

Bible Search

  • Search the Bible by passage or keywords right from your website.

Scrolling Newsflash

  • Let your church members know about important happenings by displaying your news items in a scrolling text box that can appear on any page you choose.

Rotating Image Slide show on Homepage

  • Easily upload images to your website frontpage to be played in a slideshow animation
  • Set publishing dates for each image
  • Play in slideshow mode or allow user to switch between images you have uploaded
  • Easily change the order each image is played in
  • Easily link image to any page on the site you want to

Web based Email

  • You don’t need to be at your church to check your email.
  • You can check your email from anywhere in the world with available of Net

Downloads Fillings

  • Manage virtual folders with downloadable files.
  • You can assign files to public as well as registered users.
  • Restrict files to registered users so guest visitors will not be able to download them

Photo Gallery

  • Special and hot addon from eChurchSites.com is photo gallery
  • You can create any number of categories and any number of photos.
  • Gallery can be used by admin as well as by registered users. You can control them from admin.
  • Gallery can be used for images, documents, movie files etc

Custom Forms

  • Design Custom Forms for any purpose
  • Assign any email address to receive forms
  • Export Results to CSV file

Online Polls

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited answers
  • Different types of answers (checkbox, radio button, text box)
  • Images for questions and/or answers
  • Highly configurable results display.
  • Security: IP-logging, Userid-logging

Member Forums

  • Start an online community for your church members and visitors to get to know each other better.
  • Ability to assign certain forums to certain groups of people so the information can remain confidential if needed.


  • Sell your own items to your church members or website visitors
  • You choose how you want to process orders (paypal, merchant account, 2checkout, etc)
  • Easily track sales, traffic, and customer purchases.
  • Easily recommend certain items to your congregation that will appear on the front page of your store.