How Start an Essay

How Start an Essay

There are many ways one could choose to start an essay, among them you could find three effective manners that depend on your preferences and writing abilities. The classical way is the one that begins with brainstorming. It is the technique that helps students gather information about the topic question. This method allows the mind mapping of ideas; it is a manifestation of the first step that paves the way for the organization of a comprehensive outline. This step is important because it creates a clear mental image of the network of the essay, which would simplify the development of ideas and their explanation at a later stage.

Other writers, usually those who are experienced with writing and its process, tend to create a mental picture of the outline they are going to use. That is to say, they skip the step of paper mind mapping and the jotting down of ideas. All of these preliminary procedures are undertaken by their brain in a quick manner that allows them to think, reflect, decide, and get down to writing right away. This ability pertains to high-caliber and gifted writers, but it could also be acquired through continuous experimentation with writing. Thus, once it is time for them to write, they would just start immediately crafting the final draft that might not even require a great deal of revision and proofreading after it is finished.

Starting an essay could also be done in a different fashion, which is the body-first strategy. This technique is widespread; it saves much time and effort, especially in situations where deadlines are tight and constraining. When you do not know yet which ideas you may include in the main body and which illustrative examples to use, you have better start your essay with the body, so that later on you go back to the introduction and make sure that your thesis statement comprises all the elements discussed in the very body. The conclusion is the last thing to be written, eventually, as it should provide the link between the central elements of the essay.


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