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World Outreach Church for all Nations

Project Summary

Confidence is the most essential element for this website designed for the World Outreach Church. Being a global entity, it is important for the website to be able to make its visitors feel comfortable every time they visit. Each of them has to feel welcome wherever in the world they may be located, and expect only the best possible treatment as they come.

Platform: PHP, Javascrit, SQL Database (WordPress CMS Driven)
Type of Business: Nonprofit Church, based is Tucker, Georgia, USA

About World Outreach Church for all Nations (WOCFAN):

World Outreach Church for all Nations (WOCFAN) was founded in September 1994, by Pastors Bank and Sharon Akinmola in the city of Tucker, Georgia. The vision of the church is to build “Strong Families to Transform the Nations by Exercising Kingdom Dominion Everywhere!”

As Pastors Bank and Sharon traveled around the world fulfilling the call of God upon their lives, they realized that there was a desperate need to restore families back to God. As they took the gospel from nation to nation, it became increasingly apparent that one of the main reasons the church is in such turmoil is because families are severely challenged and marriages are troubled with seemingly overwhelming and insurmountable challenges. God began to steer their hearts toward teaching, healing and reinstating families back to Him. When the family is whole the church and indeed the nation will be whole.

Services Provided

  • Arts Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System

Development Features

  • Development Features in Arts Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System