The Process / Step for church Web Site development.

In creating a website, it is important to follow basic rules to come up with the layout and design. It is important to plan first before putting the concept into place to avoid overlooking important aspects in your website. You need to take several things into consideration before you can decide on the final look that you will give the website to be created. Usually, the design, layout and content of the website will vary according to the theme or the main topic found in that website.

Websites are usually dedicated to a certain theme or organization and because of that, we want to make sure that when we create a website, the content will speak much about the theme or organization itself. This goes the same for church websites. The website developer must ensure that the outcome of the church website will impose dignity into the church it represents. To be able to attain this goal, there are several steps that a website developer must keep in mind.

First, you need to gather the necessary website content or to have an idea what are the contents needed in the website. Having an idea on the website content that should be found in the church website will allow you to think on the space allocations that you need to create for the content. Important website content that should be found in a church website are history of the church, mission, vision, latest news about the church and useful information like contact numbers and mailing address. Other website content that could be added in the website is a schedule of activities of the church, organizations that you can join, officers of these organizations with their contact numbers and link to additional services like prayer requests.

The second step is to make a draft of the website. When you create a draft, it will allow you to plan on the design of the website. You will also have an idea how you will present the content that you gathered in the first step. It will be easier to modify several aspects that you may find inappropriate in the future if you created a draft prior to the website development itself. Website development is easier if there is a draft to be followed. This way, you will have continuous time in developing since you were able to identify the outcome that you want to achieve beforehand.

Lastly, choose an appropriate color, font style, images and icons to be included in the website. Since this is a church website, ensure that the outcome of the total design is formal and will not lessen the integrity of the church itself. Remember that this website is an online representation of the church and because of that, you need to create the same level of dignity this church was able to create in the real community on the online community through the website.

A website developer should be sensitive in creating a website for a specific organization. The outcome should adhere to the image of the organization that the website represents.